Get Refreshed at Rexburg Rapids

Get Refreshed at Rexburg Rapids

Get Refreshed at Rexburg Rapids

If you are looking for a fun family attraction or a great way to cool down while staying at the Snake River Hideout, the Rexburg Rapids water park is just what you need!


Started in 2011, Rexburg Rapids offers a number of attractions for you and your family to enjoy. These include:

  • Water Slides: the yellow slide offers an easy-going ride to the catch pool, while the blue slid offers a more exhilarating ride for thrill seekers!
  • Splash Park: perfect for little ones to explore and splash around while playing with slides, fountains and blasters.
  • Rock Wall: offers an extra challenge as it gets slippery from use!
  • Lazy River: enjoy floating on a tube as you relax in the river.
  • Lap Pool: splash around, play water basketball or swim laps in the pool.

Of course, with so many great amenities available, the Rexburg Rapids is also able to offer lessons and classes throughout the year. The facility even offers a kids swim club and lifeguarding classes, both of which can be great options to explore if you plan to stay in the area for an extended period of time. 

With admission being just $6.75 or less depending on your age and when you visit, you certainly don’t want to miss checking out Rexburg Rapids while staying at Snake River Hideout!

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